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About the game


Install and play Warwick from the comfort of your favourite place, the terminal. Bonus point: you can play without your boss noticing!


Play as a Byzantine, Norse, Frank or Longobard ruler. Each faction has different bonuses and unique units, to suit a different playstyles, so choose wisely!

Build your strategy

Combine military, economic and political decisions to build your own strategy by allying, conquering or bribing other players.

Rise to the top

Start as a lesser noble and reach the top before the others, by conquering holds and fortresses. The first to become king or queen of its own faction wins.


Playing from the terminal is awesome, but having rankings and detailed statistics in colorful charts is even more. Who doesn't love colored charts?


Join the community on the official forums or follow us on twitter to meet other players.

Have a peek

terminal screenshot

A multiplayer, terminal-based strategy game

Warwick is a multiplayer, terminal-based, strategy game made for people that love challenges and enjoy being part of a friendly community.

It runs on Linux and other Unix-like systems.

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